The Water Challenge has raised over $700,000 to support WaterAid's work to bring clean water to everyone, everywhere.

WaterAid aims reach the 771 million people who lack access to clean water around the world. 

WaterAid started because no other charity like us existed. It will end when no other charity like us is needed.

Funds raised through the Water Challenge help us reach more people with access to clean water for the very first time. People like Tantley (pictured) who was previously missing school to collect water for her family. She says

"The water we had before was was bad because when we got water at the well, we had to take a bucket and the bucket could fall." And now? "It is good!"

With access to water nearby Tantley can attend school and get an education, which opens up many more opportunities for her future. Her grandfather Albert explains the difference he has seen with water close by:

"She used to be late all the time, but now she even gets to school before the teacher. So, all I can say is that her life has gotten easier"

And Tantley? "I like school, my favourite thing is doing writing exercises. I want to be a doctor when I grow up."

By taking the Water Challenge, you are helping WaterAid reach more people like Tantley across the world.