Water for Timor

By Luke Keighery

Water for Timor

In September 2017 I set out to walk 800 km from St Jean Pied de Port in southern France to Santiago de Compostela in north-west Spain (The Camino) as a fund-riaser on behalf of Willoughby Friends of Ossu and WaterAid. The proceeds are to go to funding  a vital WaSH Clean Water and Sanitation & Hygiene Project in the mountain village of Ossu in Timor-Leste. My journey ended on 19 September - 37 days averaging over 25km per day (including side trips detours etc) and carrying a 9kg backpack.

Ten days later I was back home in Australia - sadly suffering from polymalgia rheumatica (PMR), a disease of the muscles and joints typically with rapid onset and of unknown causes (that is, there is no evidence that the disease is as a direct consequence of my walking the Camino). Fortunately the disease is treatable with corticosteroids and usually has a favourable prognosis. I am now feeling back-to-normal (albeit I continue on low doses of medication for the time being).

As a result of the walk and related activity a significant amount of money has been raised to date - around two-thirds of our target. Funds include donations through this website, private donations, sponsorship and community grants.

This is a fabulous result and I along with the Committee of Friends of Ossu, sincerely thank all donors and supporters for their generosity and kindness to this wonderful cause.

We will keep our donors and supporters well informed of the progress of the WaSH project. Should others wish to donate, this website will remain open until the middle of 2018, so please encourage your friends and others to donate, even if just the cost of a cup of coffee - every dollar helps.

All donations over $2 made through this website are tax deductible and donors are issued with a receipt via email. Please note that donors details will be shared with the Willoughby Friends of Ossu (www.friendsofossu.org.au)

Thank you once again and may 2018 be a happy and prosperous one for you and your family. Best wishes from Luke

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