Fundraising Tips

If this is your first fundraising event- or you just want some advice on how to get started- take a look below at our top tips for success.

Make it your own

Personalise your fundraising page

Upload a profile picture and let people know why you’re taking on the challenge and swimming for WaterAid. The more personal touches you add- the more likely people are to donate.

Start a team or invite a friend

Why not ask a mate to take on the Big Spring Swim with you? Or invite people from your work/friend group/community/club to form a relay squad. Give yourselves a team name and see how far you can make it on the leaderboard. A little bit of rivalry will make the challenge more fun and keep you motivated.

7 easy ways to kick start your fundraising

Set a fundraising goal on your page

If friends can see what you’re working toward, they are more likely to donate. You’ll be surprised how easily you get there if you follow the steps below. Give yourself a bit of a stretch target.

For example: If you think you can get five family members to give $50 and 10 more friends to give $25- you’re already at $500- why not aim for $750

Get the ball rolling

People are more likely to donate to a page when they can see others have done it already. If possible- give to your own page first to get things moving. Then send direct emails/messages to your closest circle of friends and family before publicizing more widely. They are the most likely to donate and help get you started. See our email template below.

Spread the word

Use everything at your disposal and ask everyone. In person, on the phone, post on social media, send group messages via your apps, email your co-workers and post on your staff intranet/ community boards. Ask your boss if your company has a dollar matching scheme to make a contribution.

Never be afraid to ask (and ask again)

It’s natural to feel shy about asking people for support, but have you ever been offended when someone shared their fundraising event with you? Probably not. Remember- you’re doing something to be proud of. People tend to give if and when they can and at a level they are comfortable with.

Share your progress

Post pictures/ film clips/ comments about your swims to your fundraising page and share via social media etc. It will boost your fundraising and your mood- as you receive messages of support back. Let your friends and family be your cheer squad to help you reach your distance goal.

Thank your supporters

Sending a nice personal thank you goes a long way. Also thank the lovely folk who have donated so far publically- on your page, socials etc. The more positive engagement you have flowing, the more people will want to chip in.

Wondering how to get started? Why not use one of our email templates to ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

Hi insert name

As you might have heard, I’m taking part in the Big Spring Swim to raise money for WaterAid. They're a great organisation that's trying to reach everyone, everywhere with clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene within a generation.

Could you please sponsor me?

Every dollar you contribute can make a real difference for the 1 in 10 people without clean water close to home. You can donate at

Thank you so much for your support – I really appreciate it!


insert name

Hi insert name

Very soon I’ll doing the Big Spring Swim to raise money for WaterAid, a charity who’s mission is to get clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to everyone, everywhere within a generation.

This November I’ll be challenging myself to swim insert distance km over 30 days.

Can you believe that 1 in 10 people worldwide don't have access to a clean water source close to home? This has really serious consequences on people's health,

wellbeing, and their ability to attend school. WaterAid is working to change this and you can help WaterAid by sponsoring me at insert link to your fundraising page


insert name

Post-event: celebrate your success

You deserve it! And give people one last nudge to donate. We see as many as a third of your total donations come in after you have completed your event!

The Big Spring Swim
This November- will you dive in and go the distance for life-saving clean water?

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