Tips for staying healthy and well as you swim

Plan your swims

· Schedule time in your diary or calendar for when you'd like to swim.

· Set an achievable goal for how far you'd like to swim on each session- you can build a personal training plan here.

· Work out how you'd like to keep track of your distance. Did you know if you have a FitBit or Strava, you can link this up to your fundraising page? Or just keep a note of your swims and manually update your page as you go.

· There are lots of great online resources available to help you plan- check out our FAQs for useful links and tips.

Take good care of yourself

· Be kind to your body- eat a balanced diet throughout the month.

· Have a light snack roughly an hour before swimming to give you the energy to smash out those laps!

· Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water before and after you swim. And try and avoid alcohol.

· Consider doing some light stretching or yoga to help keep your muscles loose and to try and avoid injury.

Gear up to swim

· Make sure you have a well-fitting swimsuit or wetsuit and comfortable goggles.

· Remember to hang swimwear out to dry between swims- there's nothing worse than pulling on a wet costume! 

· If you're swimming outside- slip, slop, slap on that sunscreen (and bring plenty of towels and warm clothes if the weather is chilly).

How to stay safe

· If you're swimming in the ocean -always check the weather and water conditions before you swim and familiarise yourself with how to spot rip currents. Go to for updates.

· Always swim between the flags and never swim alone.

· Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult when swimming and at a place attended by lifeguards.

· If you are at all unsure about your level of fitness, please consult with your GP before taking part.

· We know you wouldn't, but please never swim under the influence of alcohol.

If you have any questions please contact our Supporter Care team on: 1300 858 022 or email

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