Water Changes Lives. Here’s Why You Drink Just Water for 31 days.

19 Feb 2021

Water is our most precious resource. Yet 785 million people globally still do not have access to clean water.

By drinking only water for 31 days this March (giving up all other beverages) and raising funds for WaterAid, you could help changes lives. To keep you motivated, we want to introduce you to some of the women and girls whose lives WaterAid is working to improve.

Azmatun, 18

Azmatun lives in India and dropped out of school only to be able to help her family collect water. The poor quality of water leads to various health implications as well. Her dream to study and become a teacher or a doctor someday was lost due to water crisis in her village.

“Sometimes I dream, if I had continued going to school, I too could have become a doctor or a teacher. I too could have made a difference in the lives of others."

Imamzadi, 16

Imamzadi lives in a village in Thatta, Pakistan and takes five trips to the water point in a day. Each trip consists of approximately an hour of walking in the scorching weather. She collects water for uses other than drinking from a point around 1km away but has to walk twice the distance to fetch water for drinking.

"If we have water near our home we won't have to walk a long distance and spend an hour in one round to fetch water and our feet won't get hurt by thorns. The whole village will then fetch water easily. I like sewing rugs." "If we have water near home, my time will be saved and I will be able to sew more rugs in the time saved."

Munyes, 44

Munyes lives in Uganda.

“During my period I find it easy and very normal to make a hole in the ground and sit on top of it for blood to drain in it.

I make a small hole in the ground in a private place - sometimes under a tree or in the garden. I sit on top of the hole targeting blood to flow into it. I sit comfortably spreading my skirt, even if someone is passing by they cannot know what I am doing. It’s like I am resting.

“In most cases when I am on my period, I feel out of place because I don’t want anyone to know what’s happening. I am always shy, thinking that someone may notice what I am going through.” 

Seoymom, 35

Seoymom collects dirty water for the Mekong River. Soeymom and her family live in Kratie province, alongside the Mekong River. They use the river for everything from bathing to fishing to collecting water. The river water is not safe to drink and has been contaminated by local industries. When the water hasn’t been boiled for long enough, it gives the children a stomach ache and makes them sick.

But we can make a difference, and your choice to take part in the Water Challenge could help get us one step closer to making that difference!

Cecilia, Zambia

Cecilia is a mother and is living with HIV in Simakalanga Village in Zambia. She says her health has greatly improved since she started medication and using clean and safe water from a borehole that WaterAid installed close to her home.

Bopha Theu, Cambodia (cover photo)

With a new water filter and training on how to maintain it, Bopha Theu, her son and her community now have clean drinking water.

And that's why water changes lives. Sign up to the Water Challenge, drink just water for 31 days and help us change lives!