Seven tips and tricks for completing The Water Challenge

24 Jan 2020

Drinking only water and ditching all other beverages for 31 days may sound daunting to some but there are a couple of practical steps you can take to ensure you complete the challenge successfully.

1. Carry a reusable water bottle everywhere

As easy as it sounds, carrying a water bottle does play a part in helping you stay hydrated. Start your day by filling your water bottle to the brim and by constantly sipping water throughout the day, you will not be only carrying a lighter bottle, you will also be keeping yourself well-hydrated. Water bottles also act as a visual reminder to drink water. 

2. Set reminders

It is human for us to be forgetful at times but we do not have to beat ourselves for it. Try setting reminders through water tracking apps. There are heaps of free apps for you to choose from. Aqualert, Plant Nanny and Hydro Coach are a few free apps that ensure you take your daily intake of H2O.

3. Join the challenge with a friend or family member

It is always more exciting to take part in a challenge with friends and family. It does not only give you another common topic to talk about, it also helps when you have someone who keeps you accountable of your progress and to encourage you as you take part in a challenge.

4. Infuse fruits into water for extra zest and flavour

If you really do not like the taste of plain water, try infusing fresh berries, herbs and mints with water. It will add extra flavour to your drink and keep you refreshed. Bonus tip: infuse your water and leave in the refrigerator overnight so that the nutrients and flavour would have well-infused with your water by the time you have your first sip of water the next morning.

5. Buy a-la-carte dishes instead of meals

Skip the sides and sodas. If you are eating out, opt for al-carte dishes instead of meals. You can always enjoy your mains with a bottle of water instead of sodas. By avoiding meals, you can also save yourself some money and calories.

6. Jot down your progress

Every progress matters. Wins, be it big or small need to be acknowledged or even celebrated. Keep a record of your water challenge progress. You could either jot it down in a planner or post an Instagram story at the end of each successful water challenge day. These progress notes will give you the boost you need to carry on with the challenge.

7. Clear all other beverages in your fridge to avoid temptations

Having sodas, alcohol and other beverages in our refrigerators can be great temptations and hinder you from completing the 31-day Drink Water Only Challenge. So, clear them out for a month and fill your fridge with water bottles.