H2 Hero of the week- Rachelle Aitken

10 Mar 2020

We’re not going to lie, the Water Challenge is no easy feat. Therefore every week we’ll be featuring a H2 hero who has performed outstandingly well in the Challenge. This week, we’re featuring Rachelle Aitken, our first H2 Hero who exceeded her fundraising goal by a $100 before the end of the first week!

What motivated you to join the Water Challenge?

Every year I look for a charity to raise money for, which normally means I need to go without something for a month like meat or alcohol. Given that Australia is in a drought and then we had disastrous bush-fires, water fundamentally has been at the forefront of my mind. So as soon as I saw this challenge I signed up instantly. Water is probably the most valuable commodity on the planet; every living things requires it and I honestly could not imagine what it would be like to not have access to clean water. I had already donated to the Bush Fire Appeal and Wires in Australia after the fires, so this was my next challenge. Let’s face it though, after the summer couldn't we all use a little water detox to clear out our systems from all the festive cheer? Guilty your honour.

Which beverage is the hardest to give up?

Well those close to me would probably say wine, but to be honest it is actually coffee. I have a little ritual each day that involves coffee, so to stop drinking it, actually changes my whole weekly social habits. Although it is true, life is always a little bit more challenging if you can’t sip on the juice of a fermented grape on a Friday afternoon.

Do you have any tips and tricks to keep up with the challenge?

Absolutely! I have a few:

  • Think of how much your liver and kidneys will thank you, for giving them a good flush out.

  • Think of the example you are setting for the people you love, by showing them you have the willpower to undertake such a challenge, while raising money for a good cause.
  • They say it takes 33 days to develop a new habit, so add two2 extra days on to the challenge and you have developed a new healthy habit.
  • Think of the difference you can make to a child or their family, who may never have had access to safe, clean drinking water.

  • Put the money aside that you would normally spend each week on wine, beer, coffee, fresh juices etc. and by the time April comes, you will have enough to treat yourself to something nice; because let’s face it you deserve it!

 Do you know anyone who could be our next H2 hero? Send us an email at event.support@wateraid.org.au