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Walk For Water 2023

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Walking so they don't have to

This week I am walking for water because I want to change the statistics.

1. A future where 1 in 10 people still do not have access to water close to home in the 21st century is a NO!
2. For me, it’s a NO to a future where a child under 5 dies from diarrheal disease every 2 minutes!
3. I don’t want to live in a world where we lose about 290,000 children every year because of disease filled water.

I walked and exercised with two full 5L jerrycans. The effort over 3.7kms of mixed terrain was physically intense. The thought that somewhere in the world, a little cute five-year-old has to carry that load for water that kills then and hurts their family is just awful and devastating!

Thank you for helping me ensure little ones all over the world get to choose to live up to their full potential!

Aurecon Walk for Water 2023 Space

We created a space on level 11 in our North Sydney office.

The goal is to help socialise the work WaterAid does and support our Aurecon business with saying YES...

1. YES to everyone, everywhere having sustainable safe water, descent toilets, and good hygiene by the end of this decade!
2. YES to faster progress!
3. YES to a world where no woman is forced to waste her time walking and queuing for hours to collect water! 
4. YES to a world where no girl is excluded from a better future because her school does not have toilets that work and lock!
5. YES to a world where no community is held back by endless cycle of sickness from dirty water supply and poor hygiene!
6. YES to a world where no one lives in fear that changing climate will mean a thirsty tomorrow!
7. YES to a world where all the above is true and WaterAid is no longer needs to exist! 

Launching Walk For Water 2023

Today we launched W4W 2023 with a talk from both Mark Trembath Corporate Manager at WaterAid and Denisha Anbu, General Manager for Governance and Assurance at Sydney Water and Non-Executive Director at WaterAid.  They both helped broaden our understanding of who WaterAid is and what their work involves.


Denisha’s personal reasons for getting involved allowed me to reflect on how I learnt about WaterAid, i.e., through participation in the Winnovator Challenge. In the program I got to lead a team to fundraise for Eswatini, propose a water mobilisation strategy for the country, while sharing as much knowledge about WaterAid’s work across social media. I gained a real appreciation for customer centric solutions and a deepened desire to be someone who came from the developing world, who plays a role in changing the lives of those who didn’t get to leave those nations.

I hope that in 2023, you will support my walk for water efforts in the best way you can. 

Walking for water is personal!

I walk for water every year because I come from a nation which experiences water inequality.

Walk for water reminds me of what I escaped and reinforces the reason I studies a degree that can make a difference within the water sector. 

I really hope you will support me with even just a dollar. A seemingly small one-dollar donation is ONE MORE THAT WATERAID CAN US, to make the change we all want to see. 

This year is the first year with a new WaterAid Chief Executive, let's show our welcome to Tom Muller by putting our best fundraising feet forward! 

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