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It’s hard to imagine life without easy access to a toilet. It is a convenience we take for granted in Australia every day.

Sadly, this is a reality for many parts of the world, where access to toilet facilities can be limited. It’s another difficulty entirely for the pregnant and disabled. WaterAid is an international charity focussed on these challenges, of improving water, sanitation and hygiene in developing countries.

So this year, I'm donating my time, my skills, and my fundraising efforts to WaterAid. A team of employees here at Urban Utilities has accepted a global WaterAid challenge to raise funds for India, and design a system to improve access to toilet facilities. The challenge in India focuses on improving access to toilet facilities in 112 villages in the Bhadrak district. The existing twin pit toilets are typically located outside the home and consist of a  hole in the floor connected to a chamber. This can make access to using the toilet difficult, particularly for pregnant women, the elderly and people with mobility issues.  The challenge is to design a new low cost device that can improve the accessibility of the existing toilet facilities in the community for all.

To support this and the ongoing efforts of WaterAid to improve water and sanitation in developing countries, we’re sharing the opportunity for you to donate to this worthy cause. 

All proceeds raised in this effort will be given directly to WaterAid to support their work in India and eSwatini. The team will be updating their progress on Facebook and LinkedIn, if you’d like the follow along.

Thanks heaps for your contribution xx Lucille

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Every dollar counts. Keep up the great work you’re doing with raising funds Lu.


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