Winnovators 2019

Winnovators 2019

What? We are teaming up to tackle water issues for an Indigenous community in Colombia- the Wayuu people.

Who? We are Team 3W-Water works for the Wayuu. A 'winnovators' team competing worldwide to come up with the best solution to water quality issues facing communities all over the world.

Why? It is estimated that 60% of the Wayuu population suffer from malnutrition and roughly one indigineous child under 5 has died of causes linked to malnutrition every week over the past 2 years. Healthy drinking water is a basic human right and it should be accessible to everyone, everywhere.

How? Through fundraising and completing a design thinking process and community engagement plan to understand what the community needs. From this coming up with a solution to treat the water and a marketing strategy to implement it easily into the community.

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Not much, what was left to bank from the handicraft sales. Already banked the rest. Sorry

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