Port Paddlers

The Big Spring Swim

Why we're taking the plunge this November

This November, we're making a splash in WaterAid's Big Spring Swim to raise money for the 1 in 10 people worldwide who don't have clean water close to home. 

WaterAid is an international not-for-profit, determined to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation.

With all three, people can unlock their potential, break free from poverty, and change their lives for good. Children grow up healthy and strong, women and men get to earn a living, whole communities start to thrive. 

 Every dollar makes a huge difference.

  • $30 can build a simple handwashing station to help stop the spread of disease
  • $50 can provide a student with clean water at school
  • $150 can help to buy a rainwater tank- so a family has clean water close to home

Please support us today.

Port Paddlers's wonderful sponsors



Good work


Marksx Media

A worthy cause from a generous selfless man…go Howard aka Acquaman 👍


Mark & Carlita Forster

Congratulations Howey Well deserved and thank you for supporting such a well deserved charity


Peter And Trish Carrick

Howard, Trish and I have always respected your family as true friends and would love to support your effort for this good cause.



Good luck




Stella And Ruby

Good Luck Jules… I hope you swim as good as we do!!! Love from Stella and Ruby.. ❤️🏊🏻‍♀️ all children need clean water..


Joe Richards


Barry Fitzgerald

Keep afloat Howard… Barry + Helen


Gino & Tania Melideo

Always happy to support you. Good luck mate, you have got this.


Jeff Kennett

Well done and good luck Howard Jeff


Bradley Stiles


Steve Anderson

Hey Howard, great work! Steve and Maree


Krissy Marsh

Amazing work Howard! Well done and what a wonderful cause to support.


John Kitsou

Good luck



Go howard


John Bustin

Good luck with the swim. No pics of the Speedo’s necessary thanks


Andrew & Sally

Howard, we support you ❤️


Mum And Dad


Paul, Carrie And Girls

Good work Julian.. keep swimming


Peter Darmos

Good work Mate..


John Williams

Well done Howard!!


Sam Giunta

Good luck 👍


Rob Stojanovski

Happy to support your cause


Elaine Ng

That’s awesome Howard ! Good luck.


Mks Group

You’re a great inspiration Howard. Well done


Carolyn & Mark

Keep going Guys!


Danny Rae

Don’t drown Howard..



Well done Howard!


Giles Aldridge

Good luck my love. YOU CAN DO IT! X


Val Lorenzelli


Leanne Thynne


Leanne Thynne

Go guys! What a great goal!


Fred Bart

Do another 10 k you will enjoy it


Daniel Aldridge

Go team


Sharon Dodoro

Great effort Lisa.x



Go Liv…


Laura Levy

Good luck keep breathing xxx


Jeff Nadelman

Good luck mate


.icky Caban


Pamela Pang

Very proud of you “Howard”!


David Hunter

Good luck mate 😀 We must catch up for dinner soon 🍷 Regards David


Lisa And Howard

Don’t drown!!!! See you in the pool!!!


Mark Scott


Nadine Richardson

Well done you are smashing it!





Great cause Julian ..


Tony Pearce

A Very good cause and wishing you all the best in the swim challenge


Ross Tomarchio

Keep on swimming Howie



Well done


Terry Jardine

Go Jules



Good Luck you Two


Sonya Holden

Go Julian! 🏊‍♂️


Julian Jardine



Great cause. Good luck 🤞 👍💙


Peter Lawrence

Go you good thing


Kristie Phillips

Good on you Jules!


Alison Parry


Peter Lawrence

Great effort 👍


Steve Hill

Good luck ole mate. Don’t swim like a rock



Go Howard


Robert Soek

Great Job Lisa .. your dad would be proud!!


Olivia Fleming


Sara Taylor


Monique Lesbros

Good job!!



Good luck Olivia! You’ll ace it!


Camilla Cox

Proud of you Girl, swim swim swim Go go go


Gemma Dean

“Lady swim swim swim, swim swim swimmm, lady swim swim swim, swim swim swimmm…” This is such a fantastic cause and will be an epic journey and achievement! Go Livvy! Love you gürl, GemGem xxx


Rose Gracestone

Go Liv! Xx


Mandy Pickett

Amazing cause


Charlie Richardson

Congratulations Livvy, swim like a penguin!



Great work Howard good luck


Sudesh Karakkad


Chez & Muck

Well done Jules! Great cause.


Neil & Jen

It's a great (white shark) that you're not swimming just for the halibut. A wonderful porpoise Liv.


Heather Burr

Great cause…. Go Lisa!


Craig Yelland

Good work guys


Rebecca James


Charlie Chuckles

Good luck with the swim Liv! That's awesome!



Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from meeeeeeeee!


Dave Waldman



Good luck team. What an effort!! Well done.


Pubali Bardhan

Go Liv!! Thank u for doing this xx


Ben Whitehead


Lucy Inwood

Go, Liv! Hope it goes swimmingly :)


Alice Peperell

Go go go Liv Liv! Proud of you for all your efforts on this major feat, I know you will smash it 💥 Love Peps xx


Clark Stevens

Great work ✨


Kris Genijn

go get'em tiger!

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