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The Big Spring Swim

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My target 15 kms

3km in and on track to hit 15km

A much easier swim in lunch break today. Helped by cycling to the pool in the lovely warm sun- Melbourne at it's finest.  

2km down!

Bit of a tough swim today, had to make like an Olympian and swim in the 50m pool at MSAC. It was daunting, but managed to shave a few minutes off my time and smashed out 1km in 28 minutes. 

1km done, 14 more to go!

Smashed out the first km at the lovely MSAC round the corner from me. It sure beats Tottenham leisure centre, I'll say that. 

Why I'm taking the plunge

Most of you know that I'm working for WaterAid at the moment- an awesome charity and a cause close to my heart. 

So this November I'm getting off my arse (finally) and challenging myself to swim 15km in 30 days- gulp! 

It still shocks me that 800 children die each day due to waterborne disease. That's one child every two minutes. In 2023!

I have seen the impact on communities as I've traveled with work and believe me when I say- clean water is a game changer. It's the key to everything. Kids in school instead of walking for hours, better health for families, whole communities able to earn more and thrive. It's a solid investment of your $$.

And I'd really appreciate it if you can chip in to help WaterAid bring clean water to everyone, everywhere within a generation. Thanks!

My wonderful sponsors


Mum And Dad


Giles Aldridge

Good luck my love. YOU CAN DO IT! X



Go Liv…


Lisa And Howard

Don’t drown!!!! See you in the pool!!!


Nadine Richardson

Well done you are smashing it!


Alison Parry


Olivia Fleming


Sara Taylor



Good luck Olivia! You’ll ace it!


Camilla Cox

Proud of you Girl, swim swim swim Go go go


Gemma Dean

“Lady swim swim swim, swim swim swimmm, lady swim swim swim, swim swim swimmm…” This is such a fantastic cause and will be an epic journey and achievement! Go Livvy! Love you gürl, GemGem xxx


Rose Gracestone

Go Liv! Xx


Charlie Richardson

Congratulations Livvy, swim like a penguin!


Sudesh Karakkad


Neil & Jen

It's a great (white shark) that you're not swimming just for the halibut. A wonderful porpoise Liv.


Charlie Chuckles

Good luck with the swim Liv! That's awesome!



Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from meeeeeeeee!


Dave Waldman


Pubali Bardhan

Go Liv!! Thank u for doing this xx


Ben Whitehead


Lucy Inwood

Go, Liv! Hope it goes swimmingly :)


Alice Peperell

Go go go Liv Liv! Proud of you for all your efforts on this major feat, I know you will smash it 💥 Love Peps xx


Clark Stevens

Great work ✨


Kris Genijn

go get'em tiger!

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