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Walk For Water 2021

Lets Walk for Water so in the future others don't have to

10,000 steps a day is my goal to stay healthy and active, especially during lockdown. It is a goal I have struggled to reach every day. 771 million people have to walk this much or more everyday to get water. They cannot decide, like I do, that it is raining today, my legs hurt, or I have too much to do so I won’t walk today.

This week I am walking to raise awareness and donations for WaterAid, an organisation who work with local partners to help communities’ access clean water, so they no longer need to walk for water.

If you would like to donate head to my page or if you would like to walk with me this week, reach out and we can set up a time to virtually walk and talk. 

Why I'm walking, running & riding for water this October!

How far would you walk for a glass of water? All over the world women have to walk an average of 6 kilometres to collect water. That's why I’m challenging myself to walk, run or ride for one hour a day between 18 and 22 October, to raise money to help provide lifesaving safe water to some of the world’s poorest communities.

WaterAid’ mission is to reach everyone, everywhere with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene within a generation. This vision inspires me, and I hope it inspires you too.

Please donate to my fundraising page to contribute to WaterAid's amazing work. For just $50, WaterAid could help run a handwashing campaign to reduce the spread of COVID-19, while $140 could help provide hygiene education to frontline healthcare workers.

The more people that know about WaterAid, the more we can achieve together.

Please spread the word by sharing my fundraising page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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You got this Sis ❤️

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