Clint Piper

AVEDA Earth Month 2018

Fundraising week at AVEDA

Last week we had a huge fundraising week with AVEDA

We had a YOGA moring for 27 lovely influencers and last Friday we cooked 300 burgers, sold excess stock, ran raffles, 5 pick a boxes and hairdressing services.

Thanks to everyone who continuted to such a great cause



We're taking part in AVEDA Earth Month!

In honour of earth day, eco-conscious and cruelty free beauty brand Aveda has set aside a whole month to love, celebrate and raise funds to protect clean water and help its people.

Aveda is an ongoing supporter of WaterAid through its annual Earth Month activities in April which help people gain access to clean water around the world.

Since 1999, Aveda have raised more than $50 million to help support organisations that directly affect environmental change, more than $44 million has supported projects that protect clean water at home and around the world since 2007.

My wonderful sponsors



Im getting close , appreciate any amont to get to my goal this week thanks


Wal Abramowicz


Mark Luty

Congratulations Clint, great cause!


Mandy Gray

See you for breakfast?


Dominic Le Lievre

Hi love, from me xxxx


Sandy Chong

All the very best. A wonderful cause in making a real difference to communities in need xxx




Tiffany Sun

We will make the goal (finger crossed)!


Wendy Blair

Great cause Clint! X


Kirsty Potter


Anthony Gray


Clint Piper

Staff sale day


Louise Dewar

Great cause Clint!!


Kylie Dwyer

Well done for your efforts.


Christoph Schweizer


Kazuhiro Sugama

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