Shennia Spillane

The Water Challenge 2018

T Minus...

2 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes and 10 seconds to go.

Not that I'm counting... wink

Blown away by the generosity of my sponsors, immensely proud of what we have achieved together for Water Aid.

But let's be honest. At this stage I am mostly just hanging out for an Easter Sunday full of caffeinated and alcoholic goodness!!!

Fuel for life

Day six, and I'm feeling great!

The first four days were HARD. But now I have survived three work days without coffee AND a weekend without wine, the physical cravings are pretty much gone; in fact my body is starting to thank me. From here on the challenge is all in my head.

I'm also experiencing an interesting side effect in thinking a whole lot about water, and its role in our lives... but more on that later.

Meanwhile the wonderful humans in my life keep on donating, and I've bumped up my fundraising target yet again.

Let there be toilets!  Go us!!

PS thanks to a fellow Challenger on the FB group for this heelarious meme :-)


Here we go. I promise to try my hardest not to kill you all.

Amazing friends

The incredible people in my life have smashed my fundraising target within the first day. Thank you all, you rock my world! The taps we shall turn on, the toilets we shall build...

Of course I'm not stopping here. More motivated than ever to raise more. Right after I have my Last Saturday Morning Coffee Until 7 April....


This could be harder than the marathon

Here we go. Signing up before I chicken out.

Already thinking, what was I thinking??

Now to drink all the coffee and all the wine I can for the next 6 days, before the taps go off...

Wish me luck, friends! More importantly, give me money!!



The GreenPlace

1 in 9 people worldwide don’t have access to a clean water source close to home. But as we all know, water is essential for life and good health. That's why I am challenging myself this March to make water my only beverage. I'll be improving my health, while raising money to help more people enjoy the benefits of clean water.

WaterAid will reach everyone, everywhere with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene within a generation. This vision inspires me, and I hope it inspires you too.

Please donate to my fundraising page to contribute to WaterAid's amazing work. For just $70, WaterAid could provide clean water to a child, while $350 could help provide clean water to a family.

The more people that know about WaterAid, the more we can achieve together. Please spread the word by sharing my fundraising page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

My wonderful sponsors


Kitty Mcgarry

You can do it!


Dave Hopkins

All the best Shennia :)


Joshua Wrest

You did it!!! x


Maree Spillane

Go girl! Good luck to you and all who have to share your space during March!! Always up for a challenge! cx


Ingrid Zappe

Good Luck!



Great work Shennia


Kate Mitchell

Go Shennia!



Good luck Shennia



Good luck Shennia, and great work supporting an important cause!



Great effort Shennia



Great cause, good luck with the coffee withdrawals!


Alison Hackwill


Claire Spillane

I couldn’t do it! Go you! Once again....inspirational. Love you. xx


Campbell Spillane’s Xx

GREAT WORK SHEN!! Such a great cause x


Shennia Spillane


Leah Oliver

You’re a stronger woman than I. If anyone can do it it’s you!


Katie Moriyama

Awesome, Athlete! We are here to support via FaceTime water drinking sessions. Love Dan, Katie and Shennio


Branka Vdl


Jackie Gregory

Amazing effort. Congrats


Nancy Gordon

Nice work Shennia


Iris Wielders

Go girl!


Sophie Dunstone


Beth L


Garth Luke



I think we might be scared to visit you in March... Kudos to you sistah xx


Meryl Gregory

Roll on April! Another great cause Shen to benefit from your generosity.


Ophelia Tynan

Rather you than me. Good luck!


Toni Dawes

Wow Shennia, what an impressive challenge! Can you eat a spoon of ground beans and add a mouthful of water? Good luck and hope the month flies by!


Cathy Boxshall


Jo-anne Holmes


Zoe Hutchinson

Good luck Shennia


Victoria Holdsworh

Might take up the challenge, too!


Pip Muller


Margie Jones


Tom Spillane


Martin Spillane

Well done Shennia. We'll christen the new table with a wine at the end!



I wish I could donate more. I'm so proud of you!

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