Learn on the Loo
at your workplace

There’s a few ways your workplace can get involved in Learn on the Loo. You may like to promote Learn on the Loo as a competitive community-building exercise, or as a tool to educate your staff or customers.

Like anyone, you can register for the event at learnontheloo.org.au. Once you’ve signed up, you can create a team for your workplace, which you can share around the office. It’s up to you and your colleagues as to whether or not you all want to learn the same thing. If you do share the same learning objective, we recommend running a quiz or ‘spelling bee’-esque competition at the end of the month to see who learned the most on the loo. If you decide to learn different things, you may like to run a ‘show and tell’ session at the end of the month for the learners to share their progress with their colleagues.

‘But what about productivity?’, you might ask. It’s a fair question. The intention of Learn on the Loo is not to prolong your toilet time, but simply to use it more efficiently. In many ways, Learn on the Loo is a challenge for the toilet dawdlers – to substitute their toilet browsing with toilet learning. But if you are feeling guilty about how much time you’re spending on the toilet, you can use a website like Give A Crap to calculate how much your company is paying you to use the toilet – which you may like to donate back to WaterAid!

Here are a few other ideas on how to make Learn on the Loo work at your workplace:

  • Managers might like to use Learn on the Loo to educate their staff on a specific policy or to upskill everybody in a specific area of weakness.
  • Learn on the Loo could also be a collaborative brainstorming activity, where every toilet visitor contributes an idea to a problem that’s pasted on the back of the toilet door. Make things interesting by posting a different problem in each cubicle.
  • Maybe you’d like to educate your customers about something – i.e. you’re a water company that wants to teach your customers how to save water or what not to stuff down the dunny. Get in touch with us at events@wateraid.org.au if you’d like to discuss co-branded materials.


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