Learn on the Loo
at school

You can never do too much learning at school, and that’s what makes ‘Learn on the Loo’ a perfect fit for your school community.

The main thing your school needs to get involved in Learn on the Loo is a packet of Blu-Tack. Pick a topic you’d like the school community to learn, print out a few resources, and stick them up on the backs of all your toilet doors. The learning objective doesn’t have to be the same for everyone, though; it can vary from school to school, from year level to year level, from class to class.

Students may also wish to print off educational posters for their home toilet so that their learning can take place around the clock, and their parents can become more invested in their learning.

As staff and students make progress learning their skills during the month, they will seek donations towards WaterAid’s lifesaving projects, which will help people in Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and Cambodia gain access to decent toilets. You can register a page for your school, year level, or class here. If there are multiple classes competing, you can link the pages together by creating a school team.

If the idea of running a toilet-themed activity sounds a little absurd, it’s worth taking a moment to consider that 2.3 billion people worldwide (one third of the global population) currently don’t have access to adequate sanitation facilities. Having access to a decent toilet should be normal for everybody; the fact that it’s not is something worth raising awareness and money for.

Learn On The Loo is both a fun and educational way for the staff and students of your school to engage with this critical global issue. One of the benefits of this challenge is that it provides an opportunity for you to up-skill your school community in a learning outcome relevant to you and/or the curriculum.

Here are some examples of things your students could Learn on the Loo:

  • Global Citizenship – students can use their toilet time to familiarise themselves with a map of the world or the flags of the world. Feel free to download our posters, which also contains sanitation statistics for each country.
  • Language learning – create a poster containing a few key phrases from the languages taught at your school
  • Times tables
  • Maths formulas
  • The Periodic table
  • Commonly misspelled words
  • Grammar rules

For older year levels, you want to let your students choose their own learning objective.

To mark the end of the month, we recommend running an event at the school in which staff and students can either compete against one another (like a Spelling Bee) or show off the skill they’ve learned (like a talent show). A gold coin entrance fee can help the school raise some extra money.

If you’d like to get your school involved, sign up a school team here or email events@wateraid.org.au


Offline donation form

Pay-in form for donations you collect in person.


Toilet Door Mindful Questions


Learn on the Loo A3 poster


Learn on the Loo A4 poster


Toilet Door Periodic Table


Toilet Door Flags of the World


Toilet Door Map of the World


Toilet Door Times Tables


Toilet Door Meditation Exercises