Here you will find everything you need to know about the Winnovators program.

How does Winnovators benefit the chosen country? 

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Winnovators presents participating teams with real-life challenges currently taking place in WaterAid's country programs. Teams have the opportunity to submit solutions to these problems that will be judged and considered by WaterAid's local Country team, and can ultimately end up forming part of our ongoing work in the country.

In addition, since 2015, Winnovators has raised over $1.4 million for WaterAid’s work which is a significant contribution to each Country Program that allows them to fund and scale up their work to deliver equitable and inclusive access to WASH for all.

Ideas and solutions are shared with and judged by the feature country, to enable them to ensure the ideas are tangible and can be put into practice.

How do I sign up? 

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Each participating team will need to nominate a team leader who can initiate the registration and team set up process here.

Each organisation will need a team of at least two participants. Contact us on auswinnovators@wateraid.org.au if you are interested in signing up and have any further questions we can answer for you.

What are the different challenges? 

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For Winnovators 2024, we're diving into WaterAid's work in Papau New Guinea. Details of the challenges will be unveiled soon.

Participating teams will receive a comprehensive briefing and background on the challenges once the program commences in April 2024.

Do we or our company have to fund ourselves for organising the fundraising activities?

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Each team will prepare and submit a fundraising pitch to WaterAid in order to receive seed funding of $750 to help deliver their fundraising campaign. Teams will be required to set their own fundraising goal. WaterAid will provides each team with a full background on best practice fundraising and guidance.

What's the prize? 

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Awards will be given to teams that complete the best submission for each Solve Challenge and the top fundraising team.

The team who excels the most across all elements of the program will be awarded with the coveted title of Winnovators 2024 Overall Champion.

When are the winners announced? 

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Winners will be announced at the Awards Event in September 2024.

How are teams judged? 

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Experts from across different areas of WaterAid and independent stakeholders within the Australian water sector will review and judge against the two core components of the program: Solve and Fund.

The judging panel is made up of technical experts, fundraising experts and leaders in the water industry. 

Teams will be judged in accordance with the award categories and submission criteria that is set for each challenge.

Are donations tax-deductible?

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All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian tax payers. If the donor receives something material in return for their money, such as a raffle ticket, a ticket for a movie, a dinner or auction item, these contributions are not tax deductible.