Here you will find everything you need to know about the 2022 Winnovators program.

How does Winnovators benefit the chosen country? 

Since 2015, Winnovators has raised over $1.4 million for WaterAid’s work.

Ideas and solutions are shared with and judged by the feature country, to enable them to ensure the ideas are tangible and can be put into practice.

How do I sign up? 

Registration for Winnovators 2022 is now open.


You'll need a team of between six and ten participants. One person, acting as team leader, should register their whole team using this form.


All participating organisations are required to be members of WaterAid Australia to participate.

When is the deadline for applications?

25 March 2022. The program begins on 4 April 2022.

What are the different challenges? 

2022 challenges are focused on India.

Challenge 1: Disposal of sanitary products (Odisha/multiple locations, India)

The disposal of household sanitary napkins, particularly in rural areas, poses a hard challenge for women and girls.

There is no reliable and hassle-free disposal system for sanitary napkins, meaning they often get mixed up in community waste. There is a lot of stigma and shame associated with the disposal of sanitary products at a household level.

Challenge 2: School learning kit (multiple locations, India)

Water data collection can often miss out important village level information. Creating an interactive toolkit for a school can place the power of knowledge into the community.

The ability to be able to monitor and track yearly rainfall, and collect facts about local water supply and how rainfall is harvested, can help develop village action plans for the future.

Is there a financial commitment?

For this program, we ask that your company underwrites the seed fund provided by WaterAid, in case your team fails to deliver a minimum profit.

We also ask that your company gives your Winnovators team time and support, so they can really excel, and you can maximise the value for your company.

What's the prize? 

Teams who excel in the Solve, Fund, and Learn elements of the challenge will qualify for the title of Global Overall Winner.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions the winners will not be able to travel to the focus country this year.

Winners will virtually visit India in Spring 2023, and discuss with our staff how the ideas they created as part of the challenge could work on the ground.

When are the winners announced? 

Winners will be announced at the online awards ceremony event in October 2022.

How are teams judged? 

Experts from across different areas of WaterAid will review and judge against the three core components of the program: Solve, Fund and Learn.


The judging panel is made up of technical experts (solve), fundraising experts (fund) and members from our people development team (learn).


Teams are judged in accordance to the award categories and guidance (provided when they teams start the program) for what the judges are looking for. There will be one global winner!


Who were the past Winnovator winners?