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The Water Challenge

We know that you’re not fundraising just to win prizes, but when someone really wants to offer you a reward, it’s hard to say no.

Thanks to our good friends at C2C Sport, AVEDA and Choose Tap, we're excited to award the following prizes to our high-fundraising Water Challenge participants.

Check out the rankings on our leaderboard to find out who's in line to win!

Prizes will be awarded to rankings and funds raised on the Water Challenge website by Monday 9 April 2018 02:00 AEST

Prize 1

Awarded to the #1 ranked fundraiser, according to the Water Challenge leaderboard

AVEDA Pure Abundance Pack, containing:

  • Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo 250ml
  • Pure Abundance Volumizing Conditioner 200ml
  • Pure Abundance Style Prep 100ml
  • Pure Abundance Hair Potion 20gms
  • Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray 200ml
  • Volumizing Tonic 100ml
  • Aveda Thickening Tonic 100ml

Prize valued at $267.80 including GST

Kindly donated by AVEDA

Prize 2

Awarded to a randomly selected participant in the top 10, according to the Water Challenge leaderboard

C2C Sport backpack with WaterAid branding
WaterAid t-shirt
WaterAid hat
WaterAid water bottle

Kindly donated by C2C Sport

Prize 3

Awarded to 10 randomly selected fundraisers who raise over $100

AVEDA Hand Relief pack, containing:

  • Hand Relief 40ml
  • Hand Relief 125ml
  • Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum 30ml

Prize valued at $108.95 including GST

Kindly donated by AVEDA

We'd also like to thank C2C Sport and Choose Tap for donating the following prizes:

Be Smart Choose Tap water bottles

Awarded to Water Challenge participants who raise $50 within 48 hours of signing up

Kindly donated by Choose Tap

8 x C2C Sport backpacks with WaterAid branding

Awarded to 8 randomly selected fundraisers, who raised over $50 for the Water Challenge on Monday 19 February.

Kindly donated by C2C Sport

10 x C2C Sport singlets with Water branding

Awarded to the top 10 fundraising Water Challenge participants between Saturday 3 March and Sunday 4 March (inclusive).

Kindly donated by C2C Sport