Staying hygienic on the loo

Practicing good hygiene is critical to effective Learning on the Loo. How can you expect to learn French if you’re constantly getting sick?

In order to stay healthy and hygienic during November, we’ve got a few pieces of toilet hygiene advice:

Keep yourself clean

If you’re bring something physical into the toilet or using your phone/tablet, we encourage you to keep a bottle of hand sanitiser handy. We recommend you sanitise your hands before you touch any physical objects, and put away that object before wiping yourself clean. Taking these steps might make your toilet time a tad longer, but it’s the best way to avoid cross contamination.

If you mainly use the toilet at home, leave a bottle inside the room. If you mainly use the toilet at work, keep a bottle handy on your desk and take it with you during your toilet visits.

Oh, and it goes without saying, but always remember to wash your hands with soap after using the toilet!

Keep your toilet clean

Before mobile phones existed, the best way of occupying your time on the toilet was to read the ingredients on the back of the toilet cleaning products. It turns out those products are more than just good reading material – they serve a very practical purpose.

Without meaning to sound like your mum, we recommend you regularly clean your toilet with a specialised toilet bowl cleaning product. Clean all surfaces regularly with bathroom cleaners, and use disinfectants on areas that you frequently touch, such as the flush button, door handles, and sink taps. Make sure you do not use the same sponge or cleaning tool on the toilet as you use on other surfaces.

Another handy tip to avoid spreading bacteria is to always close the lid before you flush. We bet you didn’t know that!

Keep your phone clean

If you are going to be learning using your phone, you will need to clean it regularly to make sure it is safe as well. Here’s some instructions on how to clean your phone:

  1. Take your phone out of its case and turn it off.
  2. Use antibacterial wipes designed specifically to clean electronics or a soft cloth moistened with electronic cleaning liquid to wipe clean both your phone and its case. Do not spray anything on your phone or use products that contain ammonia.
  3. Wait for everything to fully dry before you put your phone back into the case.

Keep it hands-free

The safest way to avoid harmful bacteria on the loo is to not touch anything while you’re sitting on the toilet. To make things easy, we’ve created a few posters you can hang up on the back of your toilet door:

Toilet Door Mindful Questions


Toilet Door Periodic Table


Toilet Door Flags of the World


Toilet Door Map of the World


Toilet Door Times Tables


Toilet Door Meditation Exercises