Business author Josh Kaufman estimates that it only takes 20 hours to go from “knowing nothing to being pretty good” at something. It’s unlikely you’ll clock up 20 hours in November alone (unless you like spending 40 minutes inside the toilet every day), but 10-15 minute bursts here and there will still get you a fair chunk of the way.

So what new skill can you begin to master on the can? You could try something physical like knitting or crocheting… and by the end of the month, you may have even made someone a Christmas gift! Or you could test your brain by solving a Rubik’s cube or becoming a Sudoku super-sleuth. Alternatively, get creative with toilet paper – practise writing on it with your non-preferred hand, turn it into origami, or learn how to juggle those spare rolls sitting on the shelf.

Remember to stay hygienic while taking your Learn on the Loo challenge. If you intend to take anything into the toilet with you, we recommend you read our hygiene instructions.

In Kaufman’s TED talk, he shares a few tips on how to best use your learning and practising time:

  • Deconstruct the skill into smaller manageable parts, and practise one at a time
  • Don’t procrastinate by overloading yourself with pre-reading before you begin practising. Learn just enough so that you know how to self-correct as you practise
  • Remove practical barriers to you having the time and focus to practise
  • Practise the skill